List of The Best Bollywood Films Of All-Time

List of Best Bollywood Movies

Best Bollywood Films: It is not a secret that the best Bollywood movies are always released after an international release since there is always a large following that waiting for it. But what is your favorite movie of the month?

Probably, if you ask any one’s wish list, this would be the first one to be at the top. The biggest release of this month is the movie PK, which is based on the celebrated Indian comic series ‘Sanskar’. You can find out more about it by looking at my bio box below.

The Top Best Bollywood Films of All time

Besides this, other popular movies are Tere Naal Hai and Shahenshah, which are both directed by big names like Karan Johar and Aamir Khan respectively. They have been able to create another hit for themselves. Other movies of this month include Raaz, Damini, Kiss Me, Nazneen, Sholay, Jab We Met, Haider, Chalo Dori Ke Haryana Yeh Kuch Chup, and Lodhi.

However, the next big movie in the cinema industry will probably be the next installment of the hugely popular Shahrukh from Bollywood. It is a sequel to the first film that was released four years ago. Since it has already been released, it will probably be released on the 3rd of August.

Best Bollywood Films
Best Bollywood Films

In the film ‘Dostana’, the title character is played by Karan. He plays a character named DJ Dostana. This is a remake of the Salman Khan movie ‘Dostana’. Both movies are based on the best selling novel ‘Chak De.’ The storyline of this movie is simple yet effective, as the storyline is based on an intriguing story. The theme song is ‘Khana Dastaan Hai’, which is a catchy tune. And you can enjoy the song by listening to the movie’s trailer.

Finally, there is another movie from ‘Tughlaq’ star Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This is his third movie after all. ‘Mona Lisa’ is a romantic movie based on the pen name of Mona Lisa Delargy. This is one of the popular Bollywood movies released by the studio. The movie is based on the work of Maya Angelou. And it is the best film of the month.

So this is just a small teaser of what you can expect when watching an awesome flick that is sure to make you go crazy. If you don’t want to miss the movie of the month, then get to watch the list of best Bollywood movies soon.

List of Best Bollywood Movies

Rank Film Year
1 Dangal 2016
2 Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 2017
3 Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2015
4 Secret Superstar 2017
5 PK 2014
6 2.0 2018
7 Baahubali: The Beginning 2015
8 Sultan 2016
9 Sanju 2018

Chander Ki Chande is another famous Hindi film that was released recently. It is a crime movie that was released on the 12th of June. It will be an ideal and good watch for those who are fans of crime movies.

List of Best Bollywood Movies
List of Best Bollywood Movies

Another great movie for this month is Koj Krishna who is an upcoming director. His upcoming movies include:

  • Deewana Geet Ka Chandeeya
  • Nalla Phera
  • Nimba Dae Biya
  • Nimba Dae Jayo

These will definitely be on top of your list if you are a fan of the upcoming cinema in India.

Another good flick of the month is ‘Sahira Sanjeev’ which was released on the 30th of May. It was also a part of the International Film Festival Mumbai. The movie stars Sanjeev Kumar and Ranvir Shorey.

Why The Bollywood Industry is Succeed?

What makes the best Bollywood movies? It all depends on who is making the list. The criteria may be different for different lists. In Saari, a dress worn by a person is actually considered a saree. When the movie is made, the director plays with the saree, and the reason for the costume change is because the area is the garment that the characters wear in the movie. The saree has been redefined and is now a dress that a person can wear.

Similarly, when the movie is made, the costume of the girl played by the actresses is considered a saree. This is to make the princesses in the movie even more “sexy”. In fact, a beautiful area is the dress of the prince, whose wife is murdered. The area is not just a simple piece of cloth, but an item of clothing that add color and attractiveness to the movie. The area becomes an object of desire, which is why the clothes of the girls are only seen for a minute. When the saree is worn by the people, it is obviously a movie costume.


The use of a costume as an object of desire is very common in many movies. In Sanjay, the only thing that is important is the movie plot. In a similar way, a share will only be used as a costume, if the area has some significance or connection to the storyline. A share can be considered the most important piece of clothing when a king decides to stop the invasion of his kingdom. When the royal family refuses to give in to the invaders, they are accused of treason. They are stripped of their power and sent to exile. This is what happens to the princesses of the family.

The saree they wore was also a dress, and the princesses had not even considered that as something to be ashamed of. The costume was more than just a simple piece of cloth. It was a piece of clothing that symbolized the love between two lovers. Many of the best Bollywood movies are “love stories”. Shahrukh Kapoor’s Hum Hain Ka Ra is a classic example of this genre. The main hero who tries to save his beloved princess from the clutches of the evil doctor has a dream saree that he puts on to keep her close.

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