Top 10 Best Action Movies List of All Time

Best Action Movies

The best action movies list is not about finding the highest-grossing films or the ones with the greatest acting or the ones with the most entertaining scenes. For example, a story with a beautifully written script or starring Jennifer Aniston can be much more engaging than one with an uninspired plot. No, the only criteria that should govern the best action movies list is how well it engages the audience and the viewers can base their choices on how they react to the films and how they react to the plot. With that in mind, here are some things to look for in the list of top films.

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First of all, different directors make different movies and different viewers will like different films differently. Whether a viewer finds themselves captivated by the camera work or the shooting or any number of elements, they will not have a similar reaction to the same films. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. To gain a better understanding of what makes the best films, the best action movies list should consider both critical and box office successes. This allows the viewer to see the list in a different light and to analyze whether each film really qualifies.

Best Action Movies List

The second thing to look for in the list is how it is composed. This is important because the director and writer are sometimes not given the opportunity to develop the movie as fully as they would like. A director’s input can influence the tone of the film and the characters are developed in different ways in each film.

Best Action Movies
Best Action Movies

The writers are not only given an opportunity to fully express themselves, but they also have to put forth a different effort for each film. Some of the best films are those that are full of originality and innovation but also full of human drama and conflict.

Die Hard (1988) Movie

If you’re looking for an action movie to enjoy this holiday season, Die Hard is definitely for you. The film, directed by John McTiernan, tells the story of NYPD police officer, John McClane, who goes to Los Angeles to visit his estranged wife, Holly, on Christmas. However, when a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber takes over the Nakatomi plaza skyscraper, it’s up to McClane to stop them. McTiernan’s direction is superb as he keeps the constant feeling of suspense in each scene and moves the plot forward. Although the movie has well-done action scenes, it focuses more on presenting the main hero as a normal man who goes through daily problems, which set the movie apart from other 1980s action films.

The movie has some of the best stories ever put on an action film and you are constantly on the edge of your seat, fearing for the hero’s survival. It also has a great cast, as Bruce Willis gives a magnificent performance as John McClane and you root for him for the entire film. The late Alan Rickman is fantastic as Hans Gruber and he provides a legitimate threat to the hero. On the downside, the scenes with the reporters are my least favorite aspects of the film and the plot can be a bit tedious. Overall, Die Hard is an action classic that still holds up and one of the most influential films in its genre. I definitely recommend it on your Christmas watchlist.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003)

Kill bill excels in most aspects of film making but suffers from some pacing issues. Kill bills choreography is great with the fights feeling really authentic and this is due to some fantastic acting where you can tell everyone involved put there all into it and made sure the fights scenes were always interesting. Although I would usually be really disappointed with a revenge plot as I was with john wick I wasn’t that disappointed this time as Tarantino put his own twist on the simple revenge plot that really worked.

What I also love about this movie is it doesn’t play it safe but takes really risky moves that definitely paid off in the end, the locations are all different which is always I nice addition. Although the film is great its not free of problems like one of them being the pacing at the start of the film, it feels like the movie just randomly rushes things and then slows back down again randomly. The film also doesn’t feel like it has much structure and the characters don’t really know what there doing. Overall kill bill definitely surpasses most films of its genre but suffers from structural and pacing problemes throughout the 1st act of the film.

The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight reveals a thrilling insight into the twisted yet brilliant mind of the Joker (Heath Ledger.) From start to finish the film keeps the audience feeling on constant edge and never fails to impress. Christopher Nolan worked seemingly hard on producing characters such as Batman (Christian Bale) to fulfill the storyline and convey an intense atmosphere when coming face to face with the Joker.

The film is truly an outstanding piece of work and commemorates what a hard-working actor Heath Ledger was in showing full and utter dedication towards his role. The Dark Knight is a film in which brings together a hard-working a brilliantly focused team of set actors that allow for it to be such a successful and interesting movie.

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